Our Responsibilities

Allcooper are implementing some of the very best policies and practices for business. The owners of Allcooper have protected the firm by creating a Shareholder Agreement and a Family Charter, which outlines how the business responds to the needs of the wider family and the future of Allcooper, in terms of ownership, management and employment.
Allcooper believe it takes an enlightened view of this subject and in doing so protects its owners, employees, suppliers and customers.

The Environment
As a business grows, it is forced to confront and change many of the systems and processes it has created over the years. Global warming has become the primary concern, and each company has to adapt to this new reality.

At Allcooper, we are taking measured steps, to ensure that we adopt best practice to help combat this potential disaster, by reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Directors choose fuel efficient cars (this is not a recent phenomenon), with our MD clocking up over 13,000 miles in his Smart car last year.

  • We are exploring ways in which we can cool and heat our offices, without permanently relying on gas heating and electric air-conditioning.
  • One example is that we have invested in a heat reflective coating to our office windows to keep the building as cool as possible in summer, and the heat in during the winter.
  • For hot drinks, we have removed kettles and replaced them with more efficient water boilers.
  • We are exploring the use of Bio-fuels for our 40 plus vehicles.
  • We are investing in automatic Vehicle Tracking systems, to ensure our vehicles travel the shortest distance to calls.
  • We are investing in automatic scheduling for our field based staff to ensure that the most efficient daily routes are planned.
  • We are investing in technology to make our operation a paperless environment.
  • We are planning a recycling initiative to manage and minimise our waste created more efficiently.
  • We have identified ISO 14001 as our next priority accreditation and have entered the process.

Charitable Giving and Charitable Works
Allcooper recognise the responsibility it has to lead in this very important area. There are tremendous opportunities to build trust and pride within the company by participating in and supporting good works. The Directors of Allcooper have a policy of matching funds raised by their staff for certain events. They will also pay entry fees for events if an individual raises over a certain amount themselves.

So far this year -

  • For family reasons, Allcooper gives a substantial annual donation to The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, irrespective of company performance, or any other charitable initiatives it supports.
  • A monthly office dress down day generates several hundred pounds per year for local charities.
  • We are participating in the 11th Annual Dragon Boat Race in aid of CLIC Sargent and hoping to raise £1500.
  • Allcooper have committed to support charitable dinners for retiring sportsmen, charities and individuals.
  • Allcooper have supported numerous events and organisations locally, from girl’s football teams to village fund raising.
  • The company are also conducting a variety of fund raising events for 'The National Star College'. The Star College has launched a star appeal to raise money for an extensive development programme. The College is a leading national provider of specialist education for severely disabled young people, and the development will allow them to provide the very best facilities for their students.

However, we know that we can always do more.

Families in Business
Roman Cooper holds this subject close to his heart. As one of the very first cohort to study the subject of Families in Business within an MBA course, he has become intensely aware of the impact both positive and negative, that a business can have on a family. He is widely read on this subject, with his specialist subject being Management Development within family firms. He brings 20 years of personal experience to this subject, both good and bad. His aim is to ensure that the family experience of working together is a positive one for other family businesses, by adopting a parallel approach to both family and business.

He has spoken for a variety of professional organisations, as they attempt to broaden the knowledge of this subject in the wider business world. He has very close links to the private bankers Coutts who have championed this subject, and who have created a talent pool and knowledge base that previously didn’t exist.


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