Top 10 Home Security Tips for a #SecureSummer


Judging by the rise in temperatures over recent weeks, summer has definitely arrived in the UK. At last!

Most of us are big fans of the British summer, and it doesn't take long for us to start changing our day to day routines. It's definitely a time for short sleeves, open sunroofs, t-shirt tans and getting that washing out on the line!...

...However, it can also be a time when criminals decide to take advantage of the relaxed attitude that can come with the change in weather, especially in and around our homes.

Here at Allcooper, we're dedicated to helping homeowners and their properties stay secure. We install and maintain house alarm systems, CCTV, security lighting and more, to deter intruders and prevent homes from becoming a target.

These types of home security systems are very effective, but did you know that there are plenty of other things you can do to help keep your home safe, which cost nothing more than a little preventative thinking?

Look no further, as we're pleased to share our top tips to help you stay vigilant throughout the summer months.

Allcooper's Top 10 Home Security Tips for a #SecureSummer

1.  Windows and doors

  • It's always tempting to open a window or door to let the breeze through the home. Be careful to ensure that any open windows or doors are not left open when you're not around or going out. Opportunist thieves are always on the lookout for a quick win. Close and lock windows to stop them in their tracks.

2.  Always set your house alarm system

  • If you have an alarm fitted in your home, it's very important to use it. Even if you're just popping out for a few minutes, you should always make sure it is set. It's also important to have it maintained by a reputable company, as this will keep it performing at its best.

3.  Make your home look occupied

  • If you are planning on a holiday or time away from home, do what you can to make your home look occupied. Timer switches for lights and radios are a great way to create the illusion someone is home. Be sure to cancel any regular deliveries too such as milk and newspapers.

4.  Be sensible with social media

  • If you actively use social media websites like Facebook or Twitter, it's likely you will have noticed your friends or followers 'checking in' at locations or posting pictures of their hotel pool. These types of posts are clear signs that you are not at home and could be picked up on by potential intruders. We recommend waiting until you get home before sharing your holiday experiences.

5.  Everybody needs good neighbours

  • Ask to your neighbours or a nearby friend or relative if they are willing to check on your home whilst you're away. Simple things like opening and closing curtains and collecting post make it less obvious someone if not there. You can always repay the favour for them!

6.  Don't leave clues that indicate you're away

  • Check that you aren't displaying calendars or booking confirmations by a window or door that could tell a burglar when you are not going to be at home.

7.  Hide away valuable items

  • Making sure your most valuable possessions are put away out of sight reduces the threat from opportunist thieves, who will be looking for anything worth breaking in for. These items could include laptops, iPads, mobile phones, jewellery and wallets/purses.

8.  Spare keys

  • Avoid leaving spare keys outside your home, such as underneath plant pots or your door mat. Thieves would rather not force an entry, so it's the first place they are likely to look.

9.  Clearing up the garden

  • If you've spent a day in the garden, don't forget to put things away and secure them in a shed or garage. Items like tools and garden equipment may be used by a potential intruder to gain access to your home, so locking them away takes away this temptation.

10. On yer' bike!

  • If you're a keen cyclist, the summer months are a great time to get out and about. Bicycles are one of the most commonly stolen items so ensure they are not left anywhere accessible and are secured somewhere safe such as a garage.

By working together, sharing these tips and remaining vigilant, we can all enjoy a #SecureSummer.

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