Comprehensive solutions for large organisations

For larger businesses and corporate concerns, we are specialists in providing solutions that deliver extensive protection and compliance. We have worked specifically in this sector to develop the high level of experience and technical knowledge demanded, to look after for some of the most recognised clients.

Using the latest products, often deployed across multiple-sites, we work with organisations based in the UK, overseas or a combination of both. From ensuring that your security strategy is coherent, to implementing the most cost-effective measures, we work with you deliver the flexible, robust systems that your business operation depends on.

Public Sector and Schools

Allcooper have been protecting schools for over two decades, providing effective systems and peace of mind for staff, pupils and their parents. Our customers include academies, primary, comprehensive and private schools, who have a range of security and safety requirements to fulfil.

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Our specialist Care Team is dedicated to the installation and maintenance of Warden Call and Nurse Call systems, offering solutions to help safeguard those in sheltered and extra care housing, nursing care homes and hospitals. The equipment and technology we use enables elderly and vulnerable end clients to live independently in their homes for as long as possible, as well as providing reassurance that assistance will be at hand if required.

We have engineers specially trained and adept in the installation of Tynetec and DECT products, including alarm units, personal pendants, inactivity monitors and fall detectors. These devices are fundamental to ensuring residents' safety, whilst allowing them to live independently.

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