Access control

Your Access Control system forms the basic building block of your Integrated Security Strategy. You have to control who comes into your organisation, when, and what areas of the organisation they are allowed to gain entry to. Without this, your staff, their property, your assets, your critical data and Intellectual Property are all at risk.

Access Control DeviceWe can help you decide which technology is best for controlling access, from simple codes to Smart Cards for integrated cashless vending applications. We can help you migrate from old technology solutions, such as Mag-Stripe, to Proximity Readers or even Biometric Solutions, which are becoming more reliable and cost-effective.

By choosing the right Access Control Platform, you can link CCTV cameras and recorded images to events.

For example, a snapshot can be taken every time a person ‘swipes’ through a door. Imagine that someone props a door open with a fire extinguisher. Footage of this incident can be automatically emailed directly to them or their line-manager, to stop it happening again.

This instant action through integration makes linking incidents to footage incredibly simple and provides an irrefutable record.


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