Monitored CCTV Systems

CCTV systems on their own are not as effective in reducing or preventing crime as a monitored CCTV system. A stand-alone CCTV system will record the events, but it is not pro-active and will not trigger an alarm activation. It’s a valuable, but essentially passive, security solution. If you have remote, unoccupied sites within your organisation’s estate – and even if you have 24 hour security officers - then a Monitored CCTV system is an absolute must.

CCTV CameraSimply reviewing footage of an incident having suffered a loss is frustrating. The business will be disrupted and the fear of crime amongst the staff will be increased.

You want to stop the incident before it happens.

An Intruder Alarm will typically only activate if someone breaks in. You want to know that when some enters the perimeter of your site, they are detected, challenged and that they leave without further disruption. Only a Monitored CCTV system can give you this level of control and response. Historically, this type of intervention was only available for a few companies that could afford expensive ISDN lines.

Advanced technology

The advent of Broadband technology and Monitored CCTV System changes this. Our Video Receiving Centre can accept alarms, conduct regular ‘patrols’, control gates and doors and have 2-way conversations with anyone authorised or unauthorised who attends your property. This removes the need for you to leave the security of your home to physically challenge a potential intruder. Our systems are discreet, bespoke and utilise the best available technology, including Video Motion Detection. All conversations and alarm events are recorded for possible evidential purposes. You can also access the video images and recorded footage from any internet connection.

Stand Alone (non-monitored) CCTV

Allcooper installs the whole range of CCTV products: from covert applications, to large-scale and IP Surveillance systems that utilise your Network. We can provide audio and video images to a PDA-type device, to make your security officers less reliant on the control room, and more efficient. Other sensor systems enable stand-alone applications as well as larger networked systems to count people or vehicles and to analyse the routes they take. They are also used to detect newly arrived static objects such as unattended baggage or to protect art exhibits in a museum. We can integrate Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)systems and Video Motion Detection with the latest LED Infra-red lighting technology for maximum reliability and image quality.

We will work with you to find the most suitable equipment, considering the recording medium, resolution quality, reliability and price.

Although the very best solution will always be an integrated solution, we can also create a stand alone CCTV solution. You can then integrate this at a later date, as strategy or budgets allow.

Covert Camera Systems can be installed either on a permanent or temporary basis. These systems are particularly useful when trying to catch individuals being abusive, or being anti-social. We can also install these systems to verify the activities of cleaners and other workers, who may be in breach of company rules. With the correct authority levels, these images can be reviewed over the internet, at any time.

The Data Protection Act applies to all businesses in the UK. It is important that the design of a system does not interfere with the privacy of your neighbours or members of the public. Our designs will ensure that you are not compromised in the future, that you do not record any images that may be inappropriate, and that you have the correct levels of signage visible.


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