Security and Technology Solutions

Intruder Alarms

Detecting and deterring intruders throughout your site…

Fire detection, gas protection and fire suppression systems

Access Control

The basic building block of your Integrated Security Strategy…


Monitored, Covert and stand-alone systems for your grounds and premises…

Server Room Protection

Safeguard your IT from a variety of risks...

Fire and gas protection

Fire Detection, Gas Protection and Fire Suppression Systems

Nothing matters more than your employees’ safety…

Monitoring services

Entry Systems

Convenient Video and Audio systems including remote operation…

Monitoring Services

Monitor a variety of important services 24 hours a day…

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Taking over a system installed by another firm

Allcooper currently service and maintain hundreds of systems that they didn’t actually install…

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Maintenance Options

Cost effective maintenance options to keep your systems in tip-top condition…


Exterior security lighting

Exterior security lighting

Throw light on movements outside without polluting the environment

Electronic gates and motorised barriers

Secure perimeter access with convenience built-in

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Bars, grilles and locks

Robust, physical deterrents you can rely on

Smoke cloak and SmartWater

Smoke Cloak and SmartWater

High-tech active defences to deter, trace and convict intruders…

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Uncover threats from those who may be working against you…

IP Technology

Video: your network as your security hub…



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