Smoke Cloak and SmartWater

Smoke Cloak

Smoke cloak and SmartWaterSome of our corporate clients have significant R&D and Intellectual Property assets. Some of these investments are business-critical and extremely vulnerable to industrial espionage. In such cases, we can supply and install ‘Smoke Cloak’. On activation, the system immediately fills a room with non-toxic fog. The principle is that if a burglar cannot see, he cannot steal. Once the protected area is vacated by the intruder, the fog clears, which has no detrimental effect on the property or its contents This effective device can be installed very discretely, with a wide array of install options to suit every application.



Smoke cloak and SmartWaterSmartWater Index is a revolutionary security system that uses state-of-the-art forensic science to deter criminals and protect your property.

The system comprises a unique ‘DNA-style’ chemical tracer code, created exclusively for your premises by SmartWater technicians – no two premises will have the same SmartWater code

Used extensively by the police service as part of their covert operations, SmartWater traces are applied using a low pressure spray system at strategic points within your premises. The system is triggered when a break-in is detected or a panic button pushed, covering the intruder in a controlled manner with a harmless water-based solution.

SmartWater Index will remain detectable on skin and hair for weeks and on clothing indefinitely. The solution is invisible to the naked eye but any traces will glow brightly under ultraviolet light. If a criminal is caught with SmartWater on them, the unique forensic code provides the police service with an irrefutable link back to the scene of the crime
By raising the risk of capture and conviction, SmartWater Index intensifies a criminal’s fear of being caught – to the point where they will abandon their plans in search of a softer target. This makes SmartWater Index one of the most powerful and longstanding criminal deterrents available.

Almost all UK Police forces are now trained to detect SmartWater. With a 100% court conviction rate, the criminal fraternity is wary.

SmartWater Index has now been deployed within banks, building societies, schools, hospitals, defence establishments, commercial premises and retail outlets. The system can be tailored to your needs and to the layout of your premises to protect points of entry, cash offices, stock rooms, and other vulnerable areas, whilst avoiding contact with business assets or displayed stock.


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