Taking over the service and maintenance of a system installed by others

Allcooper currently service and maintain hundreds of systems that they didn’t actually install.

There are a variety of reasons why a customer would want to swap from their original installer to Allcooper.

Typically it is a result of poor service. The security market has been very buoyant, and some firms are more interested in the next installation than looking after their existing customers.

Also, some security firms are just too large and are not able to deliver the personal touch. Conversely, some firms are just too small, and cannot cope with peaks and troughs of work, either being simply too stretched to cope, or overtrading and going out of business altogether.

Technology has moved on tremendously. Some systems require technical skills that are simply beyond the average engineer. This manifests itself in firms never being able to resolve faults and as a result having multiple call-outs.

At this point, customers ring Allcooper.

Our process is straightforward

1 -

We send a surveyor to visually assess the system. For obvious reasons our surveyor would not be able to remove lids from control equipment. We will establish that the system is serviceable, and that we can manage the technology.

2 -

You will receive a quotation for a Takeover Service, and a request for information. This normally relates to the transfer of the Redcare (if required) and any pass codes, engineer codes, and other pertinent information depending on the system type. The initial take-over service will cost more than subsequent maintenance visits, as we essentially re-commission the systems, which takes longer.

3 -

We send an engineer to thoroughly test, inspect, verify and record each component of the system. We will be able to generate a report on your system. This will outline if there are any shortcomings, appropriateness of cover, effectiveness of the equipment, life-cycle condition of the parts and any recommendations, including costs.

4 -

You can choose to carry out the recommendations or not. What this process does is establish the condition and probable reliability of the system. We will then create the right service contract for you, based on your criteria and needs.

5 -

Our database is upgraded and updated with all your details, your service dates, your system details and any specific information which may be important, such as ‘Don’t attend site before 10am’, or ‘Site closes at 1pm on Fridays’.

6 -

Your system or systems now meet the stringent Allcooper standards.



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