Consultancy, Design and Project Management

Ensuring you have the right advice to achieve the right results is critical.

Allcooper offers a fully-managed, turn-key, consultancy packages, spanning both design and project management, to the very highest of standards. Allcooper have the experience and knowledge to ensure that you achieve the desired results, in terms of coverage, functionality, aesthetics and response.

We know what you need, having worked for and with dozens of different client types. We appreciate that you may need assistance in designing and creating a safe and secure environment. To assist you with this, Allcooper have a sister company, Garrisons Consultants, which was specifically created to bridge the gaps between what Architects and Designers know (or think they know), what is technologically possible, and what you actually need.

Garrisons has access to some of the world’s most renowned architects, designers, project managers and contractors. They draw upon our knowledge and experience, so that you, our client, achieve the desired level of security and safety for your business and your wider estate.

Our Process

Our process ideally involves meeting the Director responsible for Security, and his or her Senior Security Managers. We need to understand the sector your business is in, understand the Intellectual Property risks, the level of staff protection you need (both for them and from them), what visibility of security you desire, what level of security you would ultimately like to achieve, and what budget constraints exist. You may have an existing corporate security strategy, which may need reviewing in light of technological changes. Your business may be new to the UK and you may need to understand the type of threats that are typical in this country and EMEA in general.

You may already have a physical security provider, in terms of security officers and receptionists. We need to determine what complementary electronic systems can be deployed to get the very best protection, at all times for your business.

From this evaluation process we are able to generate a Risk Assessment.

This Risk Assessment will generate a security proposal for a sensible and cohesive security upgrade. This proposal will complement your existing strategy, or may be a brand new Security Strategy. It is at this stage that we may recommend that current and established security measures and personnel are actually ‘tested’. We do this by introducing specialists to carry out penetration tests and perform other pressure techniques.

The risk assessment will identify potential threats to senior staff, and some suggested counter measures will be proposed. For example, Garrisons created a Directors Home Security Strategy for a leading pharmaceutical company. Allcooper were contracted to install a comprehensive series of security systems into each of the director’s homes, to a common standard.


Once the Risk Assessment process is completed, we will generate a comprehensive and integrated design for your security and safety systems. This design will, as a matter of priority, be designed to be discreet and aesthetically sympathetic, whilst being completely effective. This design forms the basis of a Tender Document. Garrisons can manage the entire tendering process, so that you have the best possible price and company for the work.

Project Management

The Security Strategy may require that you use a different installation company. Our insight, gained over many years working with some of the world’s largest businesses, is exceptional. Our Project Management capability ensures that the quality and effectiveness of your systems are consistent across the globe.


Garrisons make no pretence of being ‘independent’. We are part of the Allcooper group of companies. To this end, our Consultants are at the leading edge of technology. They have direct feedback from our engineers about the equipment we install and we are able to keep our specifications and equipment choice fresh and up to date. All our equipment is therefore field tested and proven.

Typically, Garrisons will waive a percentage of the design costs if Allcooper are appointed as installers. This means that we can ensure the quality and effectiveness of the installation, and know that the engineers have actually been fully trained on the equipment before installing it. However, we are used to, and enjoy, working with third party companies, especially in areas beyond Allcooper’s footprint. It is this cross fertilisation and shared experience that gives Garrisons its edge.

Service and Maintenance

Whether Allcooper are awarded the installation or not, (and we are comfortable either way), Allcooper could take over the responsibility for the on-going service and maintenance of your systems. Our expertise is in our dependability, our knowledge and our appreciation that quality service companies are hard to find.


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