The integrated security platform

Which Integrated Security Platform is best for your organisation? It’s probably the most important decision you can make.

The integrated security platform

A Platform is normally based on an Access Control system that can be expanded to include, for example, Intruder Detection, CCTV images, Visitor Management, Asset Management and dynamic links to Fire Detection Systems.

Do be sure what you’re really getting. Some ‘integrated systems’ are just different components linked by a separate piece of software. They’re not really integrated at all, and offer little functionality compared to a genuinely Integrated Solution.

Think ahead

This decision is critical, as the investment required to change at a later date can be prohibitive. Since Allcooper is not tied to any particular manufacturer, we can always independently recommend the very best solution for you.

You can be sure that any platform we install will be open, flexible and as future-proof as possible. Even if you already have a Security Platform, there’s a good chance that we can assume the management, maintenance and reactive service for it.

Be aware, however, that some OEM systems can be very restrictive. They are often impossible for us, or anyone else, to take over.


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