Intruder alarms

There’s no question. In terms of value for money and effectiveness, a professionally installed Intruder Alarm is the most sensible burglary prevention investment you can make.

The home systems we install all fall into one of two types: Those that alert the Police on activation, and those that simply sound a local alarm (siren/flashing light). The choice depends on your risk or insurance requirement.Intruder Alarm

Panic Alarms – All of our systems either have a panic alarm built into the keypad (typically pressing 2 numbers simultaneously) or can have a panic button installed as part of the alarm system.

If your system is linked to the Police, a panic alarm activation will illicit an immediate response from them.

Alarm Monitoring

We recommend your Alarm is monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre. If your alarm activates, we immediately respond by, calling the Police, or calling you or one of your appointed key holders. If you have a monitored system, you don’t necessarily have to have the Police called. 

Monitoring removes the risk of a siren annoying the neighbours. It also means you’ll know if the electricity supply to the house is lost – before the freezer contents start to melt.

If you have your system fully monitored by us, on our direct debit basis, we’ll send one our Alarm Response Team to your home once a week whilst you are on holiday – just so you know everything is ok.

Got a Pet?

It’s always advisable to keep pets restricted to one room. This means that the rest of the property can be fully protected with conventional detection. The room with the pets in can be protected at the perimeter or by the installation of ‘Petsmart’ detectors, depending on the type and size of the pet. Alternatively, if you want your pet to have complete freedom of the house, we may be able to combine technology solutions to enable you to also have your home protected.

Protecting sheds and outbuildings

It’s easy to forget just how much valuable equipment we store in sheds and outbuildings. Hardly surprising, then, that they’re seen as an easy target by thieves. Property worth several hundreds of pounds can be stolen in moments and sold within in days at car boot sales and internet auction sites.

Yet, from just £150.00 + VAT, an outbuilding can be protected. Our reliable radio detection devices are linked into your home intruder alarm system – instantly detecting and alerting any unauthorised entry.

Alarm Installation: What it entails?

1 -

Review our recommendations
Discuss our proposal with us and tell us what you’d like, then sign our Installation Agreement and Maintenance Contract (as required by NSI).

2 -

Pay a deposit
Typically 20% of the work, the remainder is due once your system is fully installed, tested and demonstrated to you

3 -

Agree the installation date
We’ll estimate the time required for the job, and agree a convenient date with you to commence. Most alarms are installed within a day. Our lead time is usually no more than 2 weeks.

4 -

Have the system installed and commissioned
Our fully experienced engineer(s) will install commission and test your system. They will also demonstrate it to you, and check you’re completely happy.

5 -

Set a date for an annual inspection
It’s important that your system is thoroughly checked on an annual basis. We send you a reminder when the inspection is due.


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