Entry systems

Wouldn’t it be great to answer the door using your telephone or mobile - or even see your callers on screen? Thanks to our advanced Audio and Video entry systems, you can.

Active Audio Entry

Instead of opening your front door when someone calls, which can leave your family vulnerable, the system can simply ring the house phones when the door bell is pressed. You can talk to the caller outside the door before deciding if it’s safe to open it. But here’s the really clever bit: if you’re not in, the system can ring you (via your house phone) on your mobile phone. You can answer the call as if you are at home - the visitor believes you are inside the house.

Video Entry System

Traditionally, video entry phones were the preserve of the very wealthy, with a typical system costing upwards of £2000. But advances in technology have changed all that. Now, a camera can replace your existing door bell. You can see who is there, and have a 2 way conversation with them, without opening your door. In appropriate instances we can install an electronic lock which can be released by the homeowner remotely. Allcooper supplies, installs and maintains the latest technology.


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