Fire and Gas Protection

Fire and poisonous gas can kill you and your family in minutes. Any home without effective, functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detection alarms is a potential tragedy just waiting to happen.

Allcooper’s Fire Risk Assessment and range of detection and extinguishing equipment gives you and your family the very best chance of survival should the unthinkable happen.

Our thorough Fire Risk Assessment is conducted at your home and takes around half an hour to complete. We look for all potential risks, and suggest ways in which you can make your home and family safer. Our recommendations can be simple, such as creating an evacuation procedure, through to suggesting an integrated solution - such as a fire and carbon monoxide detection system linked into your intruder alarm.

We can install stand alone devices powered by your 240v electricity supply, or install detectors onto your intruder alarm system. These detectors are either wired directly, or have a lithium battery in for long life. Our wireless smoke detectors can be configured to trigger other sensors off and the main alarm system if activated. We can install a separate fire alarm system too if this is required.

Home Fire Safety Products

On top of your fire and gas detection, you should have as a minimum, a powder or C02 fire extinguisher, a fire blanket, emergency lighting and a fire escape ladder. Allcooper can supply and install all of these products.


It’s literally life or death if your safety systems do not perform properly. Ensure you and your family are protected by including your fire and gas products into the service and maintenance of your intruder alarm system. This way they get a full check every year without fail.

Fire Proof Safe

A fire produces toxic fumes and heat. In a serious blaze, any valuable materials stored in a conventional safe can be destroyed or seriously damaged.

That’s why every home needs a fire safe. In addition to providing security against theft, it’s specifically designed to withstand fire conditions too. Locked securely away, your computer data, digital family photos, spare car keys, insurance documents, passports, car registration documents, banking details, birth certificates and other key documents and valuables will remain intact and unharmed for the period specified by the fire safety rating. It’s a massive help should you ever need to rebuild your lives. Allcooper fire safes start from £300.00 + VAT, fitted.


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