CCTV systems can sometimes be useful as an extra deterrent for vulnerable properties, but installing a cost-effective Intruder Alarm should always be your first priority.

Basic still image recording can be done by taking a snap shot of an individual. These devices record images to a storage card, and can be loaded straight into your home PC. These are good solutions if you just want to see who came to your home, without having the cost of digital video recorder.

For live recording or activation based recording, you will need a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). In terms of price, these DVRs range from a few hundred pounds, up to several thousands, depending upon brand, number of cameras and image quality that you require.

Covert Camera Systems can be installed either on a permanent or temporary basis. These systems are particularly useful when trying to catch individuals being abusive, or being anti-social. We can also install these systems to verify the activities of cleaners, nannies and other home helpers.

The Data Protection Act does not apply to home users of CCTV. However, it is important that the design of a system does not interfere with the privacy of your neighbours. Our designs will ensure that you are not compromised in the future, and do not record any images that may be inappropriate.

Although Home CCTV Systems can be quite expensive, we have a professional 4 camera kit, which can be installed in about a day from £1500+VAT. The system provides excellent recorded image quality and, if you have broadband, includes an option to access your cameras over the internet from anywhere in the world.


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