Virtual House Sitter Systems

Research into what motivates burglars by Bennett and Wright (1984) concluded, after interviews with 300 experienced burglars, that their main concern was whether or not the premises were occupied.

Our statistics show that the chances of a house being broken into with an Allcooper alarm system is very slim. However, to sow the final seeds of doubt into a potential burglar’s mind, nothing beats home automation. By combining servo technology, sensors and timers, your home can be made to appear a hive of normal family activity when you’re all away. By automatically opening and closing curtains, and switching lights on and off in various rooms your home looks occupied. Simple systems like programmable lighting switches start from as little as £35.00 +VAT.

By integrating these types of systems into your home Intruder Alarm System, you can control the functions of the system to a much greater extent. For example, you may only want the ‘automation’ of the house to occur only when you are out. We can link this in to your alarm to ensure it only ‘automates’ when the alarm is fully set.

Remember: if you go out at night, make sure you leave lights on indoors instead of outdoors.


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