Radio Panic Buttons

Radio Panic Buttons can be used as an extension to your home alarm system.

By activating a small, portable battery operated sender, a signal is beamed instantly to a receiver in the house, triggering the alarm.

Some of these devices have a range up to 300m - ideal for protecting you and your family outside in the grounds and beyond.

For older people, who may take a fall in the garden, they offer an ideal way to summon help via their alarm system. They are small, simple and robust enough to be used by children – for instance to call for assistance whilst outside playing.

With the increase in car-jacking and road rage incidents, you can call for help by triggering your home alarm whilst remaining locked securely in your car outside your home

If you already have an alarm system, we can take over the service and maintenance of the alarm and integrate a Radio Panic button system into it.


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