Video Solutions

Advances in hardware, compression and video codes mean streaming good quality video and voice over networks – for example for security, video conferencing, teleworking or e-learning - is increasingly becoming routine.

Our CCTV Team delivered Allcooper’s first IP camera feed for a customer in 2001. The client wanted to monitor the new World Trade Centre site – from a 20-storey rooftop in Canary Wharf. This was cutting edge 6 years ago, and an example of Allcooper’s innovative spirit.

Allcooper is at the leading edge of streaming video over your network. We have been closely monitoring the effectiveness of Internet Protocol (IP network) Cameras. We now specify, install and maintain the very best that this new technology has to offer. We understand the CCTV Security market, and are able to bring this learning and experience to enhance our offering. Creating an effective system, and complying with the Data Protection Act, is much more complex than simply plugging a camera into your network and giving it an IP address. Let us do it properly for you.



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