Intruder Alarms

Your Intruder Alarm system forms the basic building block of your Integrated Security Strategy. You have to comply with insurance requirements and a Monitored Intruder Alarm gives you the solution.  

The primary advantage is that it has a secure, independent, data transmission link to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This data link can carry a variety of signals to our ARC, and the ARC can take controlled, prescribed actions.

For example, it can send Panic Alarms, Lone-man Working Alarms, Power Failure, Air-con Failure, Flood and Fire alarm signals (amongst others). Our Alarm Receiving Centre will call the appropriate agency, agencies or key holders to deal with the problem. These calls are recorded and stored. Any Intruder Alarm signals received by the ARC are passed to the Police or a third party response organisation.

We are NSI Gold Approved and have installed thousands of Intruder Alarms over a 20 year period. We have a dedicated Police liaison manager, who ensures that our systems are on maximum possible Police response. We are fully conversant with all the new legislation changes, new European Standards and the unique requirements of each of our Police forces



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