Maintenance Options

Cost effective maintenance options to keep your systems in tip-top condition.

Do I actually need a Service Contract?

Yes you do. You wouldn’t buy a car and not have it serviced. Systems will become unreliable and ultimately fail without regular expert attention. You rely on your systems completely, and if they don’t work you want a response. We employ engineers to work day and night, every day of the year. This means we are responsive and dependable and that our systems do not become a nuisance. It is simply not fair for customers to have access to this resource without having a service contract with us. Service contracts start at less than a pound per week, which is very little for such a high quality service.

Response Time
Allcooper, like most companies have to respond to call-outs within an agreed period. Our response is to have an engineer on site. Not a telephone call or email acknowledging your call. There are lots of companies offering 4 hour response, or less, but check the small print. Are they sending just anyone to satisfy the response time requirements, or are they sending a fully skilled, fully equipped engineer. You may be surprised.

Attend to Fix
We want to keep your systems fully operational at all times. We know that equipment will fail from time to time, and we strive to ensure that when we do get called out, we fix the problem first time. There is nothing more frustrating than an engineer attending a call out only to find that he doesn’t have the right equipment to fix the problem.

To this end, we employ all available technology so that we can diagnose, to a high standard, what is wrong with a particular system, by accessing the system remotely from our technical centre. We do this via telephone or broadband lines. We would encourage all our customers to insist that we deploy this kind of capability, where possible, in their systems. This is the same equipment that can link your system to our Alarm Receiving Centre, which makes it a more cost effective option.

How long are the contracts for?
We typically have 3 year contracts. Our contracts comply with all the legislation relating to consumers and are not onerous.

How are the contract prices generated?
On our database, each part is allocated a time to carry out a thorough Preventative Maintenance check. These are times are added up to create a total time required. This time is evaluated by the Sales Surveyor, and he adjusts or approves the calculation. This will be the actual time that we spend on site. Therefore, any adjustments to the system will be re-calculated and a new time to service will be created. This time directly equates to a cost value.

What happens if I upgrade my systems or add to my system
during the contract period?

You will essentially be getting a new contract value, based on the parts that are installed on site. You will get the full warranty for the new parts and retain the warranty levels on the old. Our system is able to manage down to component level. We will automatically send you a new contract before we start the upgrade or additional works.

Can you manage my systems from your offices?
Some of our systems have the facility for remote engineering access. This means we can carry out a host of checks and test from our Technical Centre before we send an engineer. As you can appreciate, this facility is fantastic as it fits exactly into our policy of ‘Attend to Fix’.

Non Contract Customers
Non-contracted customers will need to pay £252 + VAT up front via credit card for any call outs at any time, before an engineer attends. All callout time will be at double our standard contracted rates and parts will be charged at list prices.


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