Monitoring Services

Allcooper can provide a huge range of monitoring services for you. This means that we can install technology at your premises to monitor a variety of items, and if they fail, or trigger, we know about it immediately and can take action to fix the problem.

A Monitoring ComputerAt a high level, our monitoring centre will receive and action Intruder alarm activation or CCTV alarm activations. This is what you would expect from us. However, we can also monitor and action a variety of other critical systems and services.

For example, we can monitor moisture levels in swimming pools, temperature levels in Server rooms, whether a power supply is present for freezers, and pretty well anything else you need to know about. Our alarm monitoring centre will take any actions you require and are able to escalate any alarms that haven’t been cleared down.

We can even open and close gates and barriers remotely, talk to and authorise entry for visitors. This is especially useful for remote unoccupied sites, like holiday homes, as it saves giving keys or codes out and provides an audit trail of the actual visit.



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