Server Room Protection

Server room protectionSafeguard your IT from a variety of risks such as malicious damage, flooding, overheating, power loss and unauthorised access.

Allcooper can provide either a stand alone solution to protect your vital server rooms, or can integrate these systems into your existing security systems.

We can install a comprehensive series of measures which will ensure you business critical IT and telephone systems are kept safe and secure, 24hrs a day, every day of the year.

We can provide a range of solutions on a ‘Pick and Mix’ basis depending on discussions subsequent to our Risk Assessment process.

Access Control –

Install electronic locking devices to prevent entry and minimise risks associated with keys and key management.


Install a simple CCTV system to record all activity within the Server Room.

Flood –

Install Moisture Sensors to detect and alert our monitoring centre of any ingress of moisture from broken pipes, leaking Aircon units, or faulty roofs.

Heat –

Install Temperature Sensors to detect and alert our monitoring centre if the Server Room becomes too hot. We can also automatically switch on extractor fans should the Aircon fail.

Power –

Install relays to detect and alert our monitoring centre if power is lost to the Server Room. This way, you won’t ever turn up to work to find staff sitting around waiting for the power to be restored and systems re-booted.

Our Alarm Monitoring Centre will receive the alerts and call the appropriate people to respond; from IT managers to plumbers.


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