Security and Safety Planning

Your security strategy may seem straightforward. It could be to stop your property being broken into, or simply ensuring all staff evacuate the building safely. But the amount of factors involved to achieve these objectives are surprisingly high.

Allcooper provides the correct technology solutions to help you achieve these objectives – and much more besides.

Our job is to minimise the risks for all aspects of your operations.

For example, is your Fire Alarm linked to the Alarm Receiving Centre via your Intruder Alarm Redcare line? This is critical: any Fire Activation, especially out of hours, means the Fire and Rescue Services are on their way immediately. This could mean the difference between having a mildly disrupted business - or no business at all.

Sometimes, certain employees can become a source of disruption and theft. Introducing an Access Control system can preclude staff from valuable areas, such as stores, or business-critical areas such as the Server Room.

Risk analysis and more.

We can help you review how your organisation controls its Assets, its Staff and its Intellectual Property with a Risk Analysis. It will include an understanding of the markets you operate in, the importance of key individuals, and the impact of a gross attack on your business.

What would you do if your facility/offices were closed for several days, damaged or even totally destroyed?

Allcooper can help you understand the threats, and provide you with the systems, technologies and contingency plans to reduce the risks.


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