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Our security consultancy division is led by Gerard Cooper from our London office. Its focus is high profile businesses and private clients with complex security and safety requirements. Gerard and his team have a wealth of experience and knowledge across a wide, highly advanced technical product portfolio, and can advise on the most appropriate methods to offer the right level of protection.

We recognise that each client is unique, so our consultancy team will take the time to understand individual issues, needs, existing security and long-term requirements. Once this is understood, recommendations and design solutions are created for discussion and, once approved, implementation.

Involving us as early as possible in a project ensures any security solution is totally integrated. We also recommend regular ongoing reviews as there are usually continually changing needs linked to these sophisticated systems.

Gerard Cooper Security Consultants works closely with insurance companies, architects, construction companies and all suppliers linked to clients with advanced security requirements.

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Gerard Cooper Security Consultants

Allcooper Garrisons

Security installation specialists for private clients and high profile businesses

Allcooper Garrisons focuses on implementing complex security and safety solutions in high-value homes and businesses. We specialise in integrating advanced systems that are tailored to suit our clients' lifestyles, whilst providing effective all-round protection.

Our team are highly trained and experienced, putting detailed planning into each individual project, prior to it beginning. Working in conjunction with other project suppliers, this ensures time is used effectively and systems are installed professionally and accurately. We take great consideration for aesthetics and can provide bespoke products to compliment interior design.

Once a system is up and running, we ensure it is continually maintained and compliant, as well as being available 24 hours a day to provide responsive system support. We also work closely with the consultancy division who advise existing clients on the latest security technology and conduct regular system reviews.

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Allcooper Garrisons


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