Private Client Computer Services

Have you ever thought just how important the computers and laptops at home are to your family? From home shopping to homework, music and video to email, your computer - especially with internet access - is almost critical.

Chances are you’re running a wireless network. Is it secure and encrypted? Are you absolutely sure – or are you providing free web access for the neighbours?

Then there’s your digital data: irreplaceable digital pictures and video, mp3 and aac encoded music, sensitive and personal documents, contacts and more. Computers require maintenance, and need constant protection from spy ware and viruses. Hard drives DO fail.

You may well employ IT staff in your businesses, but it may not be appropriate to engage them for IT issues at home. Allcooper can remove this conflict of interest.

Our fully trained and vetted Allcooper staff will protect your privacy and information assets with the same diligence as we do with your home contents. We can offer a range of services, including the installation of secure wireless networks and hardware management. Our response times ensure that your computers and laptops at home stay fully operational, and that your information and photos stay secure.


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