Intruder Alarms and Access Control

The most important home security component is your Intruder Alarm and the link to the Police. However, our state-of-the-art Intruder Alarms can do so much more.

Access Control DeviceWhether you’re at home or out elsewhere, advanced monitoring and services provide 24-hour peace-of-mind. Alarms can monitor items both inside and outside of your home – from freezers, air conditioning systems, safes and fine art to swimming pools and statues.

Systems are programmed to summon the most appropriate security response via our Alarm Receiving Centre. If there is a fault or failure, an engineer is automatically despatched.

Allcooper Intruder Alarms can also be configured to provide Door Access Control. Sensitive rooms, cupboards with valuables, outbuilding doors - in fact any door – can be protected by installing electronic locks linked into the alarm. The intruder alarm acts as the ‘brains’ of the system, logging each keyholder’s identity and time of access. Doors can be operated by a variety of methods, from a simple code to a key-fob type hand-held radio transmitter.

Panic Alarms – All of our systems either have a panic alarm built into the keypad (typically pressing 2 numbers simultaneously) or can have a panic button installed as part of the alarm system.

If your system is linked to the Police, a panic alarm activation will illicit an immediate response from them.

Protecting Outbuildings and Garages

It’s easy to forget just how much valuable equipment we store in sheds and outbuildings. Cars, in particular, are extremely valuable and are often specifically targeted by thieves. To solve this problem, we can install either wired or reliable radio detection devices linked into your Intruder Alarm system to detect and alert an unauthorised entry. It may even be possible to have a separate Police response to these buildings.

Taking over a system installed by another firm

Allcooper currently service and maintain hundreds of systems that they didn’t actually install. Click here for more information if you would like us to take over your system.


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