Fire & Gas Protection

Fire and poisonous gas can kill you and your family in minutes. Any home without effective, functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detection alarms is a potential tragedy just waiting to happen.

Fire Protection DeviceAllcooper’s Fire Risk Assessment and range of detection and extinguishing equipment gives you and your family the very best chance of survival should the unthinkable happen.

Our thorough Fire Risk Assessment is conducted at your home and takes around an hour to complete. We look for all potential risks, and suggest ways in which you can make your home and family safer. To complement the fire and carbon monoxide detection systems we also create an evacuation procedure.

We also ensure that you have adequate fire extinguishers, fire blankets and emergency lighting. Allcooper can also install escape ladders and for large multi storey homes, can install escape ‘chutes’ which are deployed only in the event of a fire, and can take a whole family safely to the ground in a matter of seconds.

Fire systems are always linked to our Alarm Receiving Centre to ensure that the Fire and Rescue Services are on their way.


It’s literally life or death if your safety systems do not perform properly. Ensure you and your family are protected by including your fire and gas products into the service and maintenance of your intruder alarm system. This way they get a full check every year without fail.


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