Fire Proof Safe

A fire produces toxic fumes and heat. In a serious blaze, any valuable materials stored in a conventional safe can be destroyed or seriously damaged.

That’s why every home needs a fire safe. In addition to providing security against theft, it’s specifically designed to withstand fire conditions too. Locked securely away, your computer data, digital family photos, spare car keys, insurance documents, passports, car registration documents, banking details, birth certificates and other key documents and valuables will remain intact and unharmed for the period specified by the fire safe rating. It’s a massive help should you ever need to rebuild your lives.

High Security Safes

We supply, install and protect an advanced range of safes, often working with insurers to ensure that you have the correctly rated solution.

We work with your consultants too, ensuring that the equipment is sited safely and that you and your family’s safety are not compromised by its weight and location. Once the safe is installed, we can add a level of electronic security to ensure your valuables have the very best possible protection.


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